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Paintball: the good and the bad

Been a while I was supposed to post something. Here you go.

Paintball: the good and the bad, by Deko's experience

- You can let loose your crazy side do crazy things like storming the front, shooting "YARRRRRR" jumping over drums and shoot at least 1 ennemy to get shot 2 or 3 times by each of his friends
- You feel acomplished when you kill someone
- Shooting several times on someone's ass until he finally "I'm dead! I'm dead!" is fun and can be stress relieving when it's someone you hate
- Shooting point blank right on someone's head who was sneaking to climb up the stairs and shooting out loud "HEADSHOT" is MURRRRR (after the game, we found out that this person bleed a bit from my shot :X ... XD; )
- Going all commando-like with hand signs, advancing in the ennemy territory is just cool
- Rolling on the floor from wall to wall is fun, but it ends being a bit useless when someone pre-fire on the ground where you roll on... I recognize that rolling back and forth on the ground was stupid <'==='<;;
- Being stuck in a place and just peeking out your head to see 2 or 3 guns pointing at you and hiding back, balls whistling close your head is REFLEXE.
- Swaying your gun nozzle on the wall corner, swaying it up and down and moving it around to make fun of the ennemy so they all shoot their ammo is LOL.
- The bruises and colors at the end of the day are like trophies and made you realize it was worth the try to rush into the action... if you got few kills at least.

- Wallhacking: There was alot of it. The play zone was mainly made of wooden planks and they didn't all fit well all together. So, it happened often that I was calmly walking in a hallway to find a gun only poking out of a window and shooting at me. o'==='O; I didn't use this trick much, since the RED team was camping whores and someone had to beat their ass.
- Camping: Well, like I mentionned in the last point, there was camping. And the darned play area design didn't help to discourage it. :X The 3rd floor was a closed floor with 1 tightly tight stairway at each sides. In front of these stairways, there was a wall with gaps large enough to shoot through it... and RED team camped the 3rd floor often. If only we had nades.
- When I sneak to the 3rd floor and kill one camping ennemy, he quickly go down the stairs where I AM to respawn at his base.
- Sneaking behind 3 ennemies and shooting at them with a safety lock on totally sucks. :X I was all like "OH SHIT!" *goes back and dives down the stairs at lightspeed as the ennemies are like "WTF?!"
- Jammed gun sux too. I spent a whole round waiting for my gun to get repaired. Also, I've waited a whole round after someone who was cleaning his gun. I was covering him, but we endend being 2 VS 5... it was a big let down. :<
- If you aren't in good shape, be ready to feel your muscles all stiff and aching the next days depending on how many stairs you climbed or reckless sprints you did. :X
- The bruises and the colors at the end of the day. Oh wait, they aren't that bad after all. People keep saying paintballs hurt alot, but I didn't find so. Maybe it's something to do with the gun air pressure. The each bruises are very good memos to remind you to not do the same error twice.

I'm sure I could go on and on, but I think I got the general idea. In overall, I think much of the bad points were because of a flawned area design and the lacking of a good rules set. Next time, I'll try another area which I'll get feedbacks and photos of the game zone.


*squeaks away*
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Paintball? Fear me, nUb sauce!

Ahem, look at this long run:,+St-Aim%C3%A9-Des-Lacs,+QC&daddr=Thetford+Mines,+QC,+Canada&ie=UTF8&sll=46.103233,-71.29303&sspn=0.691282,1.441956&z=8&om=1

Going to do it round trip tomorrow.

My little bro met dudes online, playing at Counter-Strike Source. He told me he was interested in their planned paintball game. I immediatly said okay for giving him a hitch there and participate. It was all of a sudden. I always wanted to try paintball. So, I'll give it a try and could tell later that I tried it. And I'll know if I can handle things as well as in video games. I guess it won't be as easy, but at least I'll experience it.Yay! On the other side, I didn't do jogging for about 2 months. I'm not really in a good shape, but I'm not in a bad shape either... and it's some effing long run to Thetford Mines! I'll just buy less paintballs for the gasoline balance.

My Dodge Colt 1995 should be able to handle it with its 222000 Km on the counter.

I realize that it's not quite far from the US borders too. :O

Anyone around?

Bah, now... bed time. I said I would be there around 11:45. :X
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Job update

I didn't say much about my new job, eh? Well, it won't change... much. :P

My current job consists of running antispyware scans on 256MB machines... generally, so far.

I can say that it's not an easy task to verbose the techie language for the common human. I still choke on some words or phrases, trying to figure out the right combinaison of words and hands gestures to explain computer relatex stuff to these computer illeterates. My boss seems to have the trick with the customers, but he looks like a salesman this way.. and it's a bit annoying sometimes.

More to come.
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Moved back to parents, job is more stable, just got internet

Well, the subject resumes it pretty much. I just got Internet... and I'm still here in front of my computer and I need to be at work in 6 hours. :E

Moved last week Wednesday... got a car, Dodge Cold 1995. Was pretty cheap, got it from my little brother for $500. I only invested $240 into it so far.

And hmmm, I'm doing more computer techie stuff at job, but I still do some web programming.

The Internet connection is good so far. The pings are great considering that I'm in a little village. They installed broadband cable in the street not 2 years ago.

Hmmmm, better be sleeping now. More to come.
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Got Wii? Not me. I think my Wii trip is gone. :[

These last days, I had a sudden trip to get a console. The last console I really played was the PS2... and it wasn't even mine. Before that, I played some Nintendo 64... and it wasn't mine either. This time, I wanted to do a come back: to have my own console and enjoy the games I like.

This morning, I arrived at my local Future Shop at 8:00AM to get informed that all 51 tickets for the Wii got distributed at 6:30AM. Some people were waiting in line since 1:00AM.

Zellers had 20 and they all sold out at 8:00AM... when it opened.

EB Games had only 15 and they sold them randomly at 9:00AM ... if only I knew earlier, maybe I would tried there.

Toys'r'Us... dunno.

Well, I originally planned to get one for eBay resell and one for self pleasure... but it seems that I really underestimated Nintendo fanboys and the impact of the hype. Same for the PS3... but I was stuck in a remote area and I had to work this day. :E

PC world, I think I'll stay dedicated to you... if only they could create less buggy games and with better netcode. Ah yeah, I'm an online player whore... the Wii probably wouldn't have lasted long... even with Splinter-Cell: Chaos Theory.
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Owwww T___T

I guess I like to fuck up things when it goes okay...

3 weeks ago, I kinda got this computer techie job. But since the start, I only did programming. I bet my poor ergonimical environment caused my...

... left shoulder to get me out of my sleep with an annoying and somewhat troubling pain at 3am.

So, yeah, right now, I'm still waiting for the drugs to have an effect as I don't have ice, typing with my right hand only. I was supposed to help my landlord with installing a floating floor, but I will have to cancel it... merf.

I guess this Friday 13th was bad after all. Just my luck... I need money, I get a job, and 3 weeks later, BANG, shoulder tendinitis or whatever... but... I'm the only one to blame. >'==='>;

So, remember this, keep your KEYBOARD AT ELBOW LEVEL, and try to get some support for your elbow as well if possible.

I take hugs, advices, cash and Mastercard.
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Birthday this Sunday, I'll be disconnected from the Internet

As usual, I failed the AST/ALT test. I'll get another chance this morning, to give another sample of my blood. But I think I'll postpone the rendezvous for another week. It's no big deal, I couldn't get the clinical trial anyway: they told me after 3 hours of screening and tests, that I can't be accepted for this trial as I had ONE history of asthma. I feel like I wasted an afternoon once again.

In other news, i'ts my birthday this weekend. I'm parting for my home village tomorrow afternoon. Personnally, I wouldn't go if it wouldn't be of the fact that I need to finish this job interview I started 1 month ago. Yeah, the guy said that I really look like someone who can have the job as I successfully passed a small test (dismantling and reconfiguring a PC) and looked to have the right asets, but he can't continue testing me as he's very busy for now and really wants to be the one who will test and teach me the job. The job would be more network related and going to repair stuff at some client offices. So, while he tries to get less busy, he said I could start working on the company website, but he really prefers to talk to me face to face about that to see where we are going with it. I didn't receive any news and I didn't contact him either in the last 2 weeks. I guess I like to gamble with my future... as usual.

Erck, that's funny, my right pelvis hurts right now just as I know that I'll go back to my home village for 2 days. That's probably because that I treated it badly when I overcharged my body 1 month ago with luggages and ran around. I really but really should listen to my body more often. I'm going to be 25 years old now after all. Meh.

Random pixel art moment again, I had. Lookie, I shaded Bruce's bouncy dwaggie:

Ok, it's not bouncing. :|